Compressed air: We take care of the whole thing

The mutual interaction of individual system components through a holistic view of complete compressed air systems is our main focus. The goal is production reliability in manufacturing and minimum life cycle costs for compressed air.

Operators of compressed air systems

The operator of compressed air systems is faced with a huge responsibility: Maintaining production in his production while at the same time constantly keeping costs under pressure. He thus has an influence on the competitiveness of his company. AIRTRUST supports him in this responsibility with decades of expertise in energy- and cost-optimized compressed air systems. Based on current and future compressed air requirements, AIRTRUST is dedicated to the holistic optimization of compressed air systems. AIRTRUSTs expert knowledge and premium products focus on this goal.

Reduction of life cycle costs

The energy requirement is the decisive factor for the total cost of a compressed air application. It is therefore important to design the entire system from the compressor to the consumer in such a way that all requirements for volume flow, pressure and compressed air quality are met. In addition, the energy used must be used as sparingly as possible. Cost savings and thus relief for the operator of compressed air systems in trade and industry. AIRTRUST is dedicated to this goal.

AIRTRUST develops solutions to increase the energy efficiency of compressed air systems. Plant concepts are designed, compared and the most energy-efficient solution implemented. Adapted to the actual compressed air demand - today and tomorrow. With premium products that serve this purpose only.

AIRTRUST as an independent intermediary between manufacturers and the operator.

AIRTRUST – Partner energy-optimized compressed air