AIRTRUST is not manufacturer-bound

Actually, we're not.

​ We do not offer you products and knowledge of a certain manufacturer, because we have to achieve sales figures.

AIRTRUST offers you services and articles that relieve your cost center as the operator of a compressed air system.

AIRTRUST is oriented towards maximum energy efficiency. There is no room for individual manufacturer interests.

Minimization of the energy expenditure for compressed air & maximization of the availability of compressed air

Is it not the case that we as consumers are far too often guided by the interests and solutions of broad-based producers and that in reality the interests of the customer are probably not at stake?

​We offer energy efficient products from the best sources and that means reliability, availability and energy cost reduction of your complete compressed air system.

In the sense of minimum life-cycle costs, maximum energy efficiency, and maximum operational capability of the operator's production facilities. Because that's what counts.