Compressed air - a widely used form of energy with many advantages. But also an expensive one! In Germany, around 14 billion kWh of electrical energy are consumed each year to generate compressed air. This corresponds to 7% of the total German industrial production.

One speaks of a saving potential of approx. 30% - thus 4.2 billion kWh.

‚Äč How can the savings be achieved? This question concerns the individual operator of a compressed air system as well as the compressed air dealer or the person responsible in an engineering office who is working on a plan for all energy flows of an industrial plant.

Experience in compressed air

AIRTRUST - Reinhard Wundsam offers decades of experience in the global compressed air industry with various technologies of compressed air compression.

Because the right system concept and design of all components offers the best protection for your investment, high production reliability in manufacturing and minimal life cycle costs for your compressed air.

Holistic solution approach

AIRTRUST designs and supplies complete compressed air systems and individual components of various brands and designs.

AIRTRUST optimises, installs and maintains compressed air systems together with your local AIRTRUST partners.

Central tools for compressed air control and measurement technology ensure the best operation of your system.

Optimisation of your compressed air

AIRTRUST offers comprehensive support for the optimisation of existing compressed air systems, taking into account the mutually optimised interaction of individual components in a cross-system and holistic manner.

The aim is to reduce energy costs, lower CO2 emissions and thus climate damage.

Our systems and components have reduced maintenance requirements and offer high reliability in production due to precisely matched components. To the advantage of the operator of a production facility.