Great approach to increasing energy efficiency and sustainable reduction of CO2 emissions!

So-called compressed air heat/heat power plants combine two essential energy systems in industrial manufacturing processes: The systems for heating halls and products in production and those for generating compressed air. Why invest twice in investment and operating costs if it also works with one system?

The technical solution is basically as ingenious as it is simple: A combustion engine fired with natural, bio or liquid gas is connected to a liquid-lubricated screw compressor stage via a direct drive.

The result: Almost the entire waste heat of the system, i.e. from the drive motor, its exhaust gas and compressor system, is absorbed and transferred via heat exchangers to the company's own heating or process heat system. This heat no longer has to be produced separately.

The compressed air no longer has to be produced in elaborate separate systems, but is produced as a by-product for heat production - zero (!) kW of electrical current is required! With the sensational result that the oversized cost factor for compressed air generation is completely eliminated.

Compressed air heating power plants are a genuine contribution to the internal cost reduction and for a responsible handling of our nature.

Scope of supply:

System min max
Thermal power (±7%) [kW] 71 876
overall efficiency [%] 88,75 109
gas consumption [Nm3/h] 8 77,6
output control [%] 60 ... 100 50 ... 100
Remote maintenance TCP / IP yes yes
BUS system Modbus TCP/RTU Modbus TCP/RTU
compressor Screw, oil lubricated Screw, oil lubricated
Heat recovery Compressed air [kW] 24 260
rated speed [1/min] 1800 2200
Final pressure max. [bar ü] 10 (@ 1800 1/min) 13 (@ 1760 1/min)
Flow rate according to ISO1217, Annex D- 2009 [m3/min] 3,2 48,4
control speed control speed control, Drosselregelung
gas engine
engine type 4Y E3262 E302
Type / Cylinder R4 V12
cylinder capacity [Liter] 2,3 25,78
rated speed [1/min] 1800 1800
Rated power 1 [kW] 26 300
fuel input [kW] 80 776

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