The requirements for compressed air quality are increasing year by year. Be it in the application areas of the Pharmaceuticalceutical industry, the food and beverage industry or others. All these compressed air users depend on cleaned compressed air.

The required compressed air quality must be known when determining the compressed air treatment.

The treatment measures, which take the following parameters into account, are correspondingly wide-ranging:

  • Dust
  • moisture
  • oil
  • germs and bacteria
  • gas components

DIN ISO 8573-1 defines quality classes of compressed air with regard to:

  • Oil content
  • Particle size and density
  • pressure dew point

The filters used by AIRTRUST are characterized by the following properties:

  • low pressure losses
  • good separation efficiency
  • good storage capacity

With the different filter types, foreign particles, residual oil and also living organisms such as bacteria and viruses can be removed from the compressed air to varying degrees. Small particle sizes of 0.01µm and residual oil contents of <0.005 mg/m3 are in demand in the food and beverage industry, the medical and chemical Industrys, but also in surface technology.

Scope of supply:

prefilter fine filters activated charcoal filter
particle filtration [µm] > 1 > 0,01
Residual oil content max. at 20°C [mg/m3] 0,6 0,0 0,003
maximum temperature [°C] 120 120 30
Pressure loss new [mbar] < 70 < 140 < 70
Working pressure max. [bar ü] 16 16 16
Volume flow max. [m3/min] 37 37 37
ISO 8573-1 2:-:2 1:-:1 1:-:1

All information refer to 1 filter element

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