Depending on the composition of the intake air and the compression process of the compressed air generator, the condensate can be highly aggressive. In all circumstances, safe disposal must be ensured in order to prevent the condensate from being discharged into the sewer system and thus to prevent considerable damage to our environment. Oil-water mixtures can be in the form of dispersions or emulsions. They can be liquid, but also have a greasy or even pasty consistency.

Condensate drain

AIRTRUST prefers the use of condensate drain with electronic level measurement, in which a valve diaphragm prevents the outflow of compressed air and thus works without compressed air losses. Even problematic condensates and coarse contaminants are discharged.

Scope of supply:

Volume flow compressor [m3/min] 30
Volumetric flow dryer [m3/min] 60
Volume flow Filter [m3/min] 300
Operating pressure max. [bar ü] 16
Max. inlet temperature [°C] 60

Condensate processing

The disposal of compressor condensate by specialist companies is costly. As long as the oil does not emulsify in the water (i.e. dispersion) and the residual oil content of the separated water is below the limit values according to the Water Resources Act, usually 20 mg/l, oil-water separators are suitable for the treatment of oil-containing condensate.

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