There are many technical terms for the English Airknife, especially air bar, air curtain, air blade or flat jet nozzle. Common to all is the ability to create a uniform and laminar airflow or air curtain as a compressed air application. Airknifes are used for drying, cooling, blowing off a wide variety of large-area and flat products in their manufacturing process. For example, plastic components are cooled with airknifes, or articles are cleaned of dust before dispatch to the trade.

Scope of supply:

Volume flow at 5.5 bar g [m3/min] 0,49...0,53
Inflating force at 5.5 bar g [g]ยน 65...71

1: the mass is given which corresponds to the weight force in the gravitational field of the earth. Specifications apply to the nozzle-object distance of 152 mm.

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