AIRTRUST's partners are all experts who want to contribute to the reduction of energy costs in compressed air systems.

Like electric power, compressed air is a frequently used form of energy, which is indispensable both in trade and industry worldwide.

Today, compressed air installations can be found in a wide variety of applications, such as cleaning, atomisation, movements in automation, cooling and control. A multitude of professions and responsibilities are derived from this, all of which have one thing in common: The interest in safe, energy-efficient and CO2-saving compressed air.

And: Longer service life, optimised life-cycle costs, minimised pressure and leakage losses and maximum utilisation of the electrical energy of a compressed air system converted into heat.

Everyone is familiar with the energy-efficient use of electrical power - but less so with compressed air in all its complexity and holistic nature of a compressed air system.

AIRTRUST would like to address all those involved in compressed air with its expert knowledge that has been developed and proven over many years.

Together with our partners, we develop energy-efficient compressed air systems and, in addition to specialist knowledge, offer premium products with which our ideas take shape and are implemented.

In addition to premium products, AIRTRUST offers the following services, which actively support our partners in achieving the above-mentioned goals:

  • Actual analysis of existing compressed air systems
  • Project planning and planning of new systems
  • Subsidy consulting
  • System installation
  • Control management
  • Services
  • System efficiency controlling
  • Training sessions

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