The dealer is the direct partner of the system operator.

This is not always easy:

The specialist dealer must always find the "right" way between the interests of the manufacturer and the operator.

Contracts with large manufacturers leave little room for manoeuvre.

Complex specialist knowledge is becoming increasingly important in order to ensure the best advice and service - widely spread within the dealer's company. This means additional expenditure of time and money. It also means being able to separate the wheat from the chaff among the wide range of products on the market.

With Airtrust, the compressed air specialist dealer has direct and reliable access to products that are always state-of-the-art, always from the best manufacturer - worldwide.

Thus, the specialist dealer meets the expectations of the operator on the one hand and the environmental requirements on the other hand, in terms of energy efficiency, CO2 reduction and low life-cycle costs.

Because the operator has long since understood that cooperation with the specialist dealer is not just about investment and maintenance. costs, but increasingly on current operating expenses and safety.